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Digital & Gig Economies are rapidly changing the employment ecosystem all over the world. 9 to 5 is disappearing. 36% of US Workforce in 2017 was self-employed. That figure is going to jump to 51% by 2027i.e. more than half of the US workforce will be self-employed by 2027!

This rapid change is a part of the Digital Revolution that’s been brought by the fast pace of technological advancement during the last two decades.

The Digital Revolution is disrupting how our societies function and interacts. Old systems are being disrupted and replaced by new & better ones.

These better systems are not only more efficient; they also offer opportunities to everybody that were earlier available to selected classes only.

Our old economic system is being replaced by the new ones. Digital Economy.. Gig Economy. Sharing Economy ….

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Flit n Float is an upcoming, member-driven Online Marketplace and Community for Digital Economy Entrepreneurs.

Our mission is to help everybody take advantage of the tremendous entrepreneurial and financial opportunities that the New Economies have created.

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